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Home IT Solutions

Home IT Solutions

Why hassle with disassembling your PC and hauling it to a repair shop every time it has problems?  When virus and spyware issues surface or other computer headaches arise, you can rely on the experienced consultants from WestPark to deliver prompt, expert PC service on-site.  Whether you want to improve your computer’s performance with an upgrade, get those annoying adware pop-ups under control, install a wireless network, or just learn how to use your PC more effectively, we can help!

Home SolutionsRepair

Are you having issues with Blue Screen Of Death, pop-ups, viruses, or your computer won’t turn on? No matter the level of preparation, applications can crash and components can fail. WestPark PC has ample resources available to troubleshoot and resolve problems with personal computers and home networks. On-site, off-site, or remote support is available, depending on your preference and the nature of the problem

Preventative Maintenance

Thinking about upgrading or refurbishing your computer. As time passes, a variety of software applications often find their way onto you computer. Some are unused, removed, or simply dont function properly. Removing such applications, and the fragments that they scatter throughout the system, is an important element to maintaining your PCs performance. By keeping the operating system and applications up to date and optimally configured, we can breathe new life into your PC without requiring costly hardware or software.


Is your computer several years old? Is it slow to boot up? Are you running out of storage space? We can breathe new life into your PC by upgrading some of its key components. Even if your system is fairly new, you may need a few enhancements to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games. Have questions about whether or not you should upgrade your hardware? Call us!


If you have two or more PCs in your home, have you considered networking them? A network allows your computers to share files, a printer, and an Internet connection. Even better, a wireless network is the cutting-edge way to connect all of the computers in your home. Wireless networks are perfect for people who want to connect laptop and desktop computers or for people who don’t like to be tied down. And when you go wireless, you won’t have the inconvenience of tripping over unsightly cables.


Have you ever purchased a software program, only to find out you have no idea how to use it? Unfortunately it’s not always possible to take a class that fits your schedule and your budget. Instead, you might consider signing up for personalized instruction from WestPark.  Our friendly, experience technicians are thrilled to share their knowledge and love of computers, and they offer easy-to-understand lessons for a flat hourly rate.